Voice Artist

“Wise enough to listen; Bold enough to speak”

Jeff is known for his mature, resonating baritone voice that is slightly gravelly. He lives and works in the Northwest United States, but can do California, midwestern, and southern speaking styles (United States). He is also fluent in ‘Canadian.’

At the keyboard, Jeff’s tone reflected in his news blogs speaks to the masses. He has the uncanny ability to speak his mind on current events in an educational and even-handed manner that readers find informative and satisfying.

Jeff has university degrees in Criminal Justice, English, and International Relations. His array of experience includes public address lectures, numerous journal articles, podcasting, and voice acting. He has published short stories, a two-volume memoir, and one novel reflecting describing the drama of life growing up on the edge of the Idaho Primitive Area.

He brings his background and experiences to the keyboard and into the recording booth where his voice and writ explains, teaches, and inspires.