Welcome to Pow-Wow! This show is about the people of Idaho; it tells their story. Listen to the individual narratives, memories, and history as you get-to-know why Idaho is one of the greatest destinations in existence.

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Dan King: Doing Dangerous Work as a Kid POW-WOW

When you grow up in the country, sometimes you're expected to do dangerous things to get the job done. Listen in as Dan King talks about his experiences as a kid working as a core driller on a rig in Idaho.   — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/pow-wow/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/pow-wow/support
  1. Dan King: Doing Dangerous Work as a Kid
  2. Police Stories from the 1960s
  3. Let the Beatings Begin! Discipline in the Good Ol' Days
  4. Salmon Air: Larry the Hippie Mechanic and Other Great Memories
  5. Surviving in the CCCs
  6. Cool and Crappy Jobs
  7. When Camping Can Get You Killed!
  8. Honest Woes of Deer Hunting in Idaho
  9. When Modern Pioneers Moved to Idaho
  10. Tough Guys