This show discusses everything you might overhear at the company water cooler. It’s all about what’s going on in the office, tips to impress the boss, and how to climb the company ladder without crashing. Life at the office is all about jumping through hoops, getting work done, pleasing folks, watching the time clock, keeping a good attitude, avoiding insanity, and finding some fun and laughs along the way! Welcome to BIZ BREAK, a podcast about all things business!

Habits of an Effective Leader BIZ BREAK

Pick up some new ideas about being an effective leader in any organization. Mike Hicks spent 20 years as a high school principal and district administrator. He knew and practiced the art of leadership. Listen in and discover what he considered to be some crucial habits that separate excellent leaders from average ones.  
  1. Habits of an Effective Leader
  2. One Day, God Rode the Brooklyn Subway
  3. Dilbert Comics Reflect Reality at the Office
  4. Three Steps to Really Know Yourself
  5. Voice Acting in the Real World

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