Staying Safe in a Dangerous World

We live in dangerous times. Dangerous times call for a collective effort to use common sense and stay safe. Following are a few measures individuals should use to protect themselves.

  • Turn off phone location services
  • Be cautious when ‘checking in’ or sharing location
  • Do not publish plans for vacations or trips
  • Do not ‘check in’ at work or home
  • Do not share real-time pictures of vacations or trips
  • Do not share personal information online

The ‘bad guys’ may target individuals they perceive as being less cautious. The idea is to be completely unpredictable, which will make it difficult for anyone attempting to learn your personal, frequent locations and movements.

Location services on phones could signal a user’s travel locations and personal movements. It’s best to just turn location services off and only use the feature when an app absolutely needs it.

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